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” I have NEVER seen anyone handle heavy machinery with such finesse and perfection. You have a marvelous touch I have not seen before…” –Jen
Dear Hone Excavating, Thank you so very much for your excellent work with fixing the sewer line.  It had been broken from an ECOTEC Engineer and we were never made aware that the company had fractured the pipe while drilling.  We're so glad to finally get it fixed.  Thank you, Angela
Thank you Heather.  Thank you Blaine so very much for the work that was done to repair my sewage PROBLEM.  It is nice to have things back to normal.  Sincerely, Becky 
Dear Blaine & Heather:

Thanks so much for responding so quickly to our inquiry about “all our soil”. Blaine, you did a super job and Heather, you got him all the way up here, which, in most cases, is a miracle in and of itself. I have NEVER seen anyone handle heavy machinery with such finesse and perfection. I told my husband that you might as well have been petting a baby chick! You have a marvelous touch I’ve not seen before and as I told you, projects just fascinate me, so I watched!

We are going ahead with the gravel but not the cement, so thanks for the bid. Please call me after Sept. 5 to talk about the particulars.

Thanks again,
“Greetings from the land bountiful.  Appreciate your follow up.  There is absolutely no question that we will recommend you to all who need your professional services.  You are indeed a rare person with incredible awesome work ethic.  I am still amazed at how and what you accomplish in a most organized manner.  Thank you again.   — George
To Whom It May Concern:
Blaine and his company installed our waste water system about three years ago.   Nine of the eleven homes already had septic systems previously installed from the original build job. The other two were under construction and Springville City insisted that all convert over to the grinder-pump system before the permits would be issued for the remaining two homes to be occupied.  It was a stressful time for all of our neighbors now having to install these systems at their expense and having their yards modified for the process.  Blaine and his company came in and met with each homeowner and mapped out a plan to allow each system to be installed with the lease amount of disruption.   He worked efficiently, never having to be called to see if he was going to show up.   100% of the neighbors were extremely pleased with his work, care for their yards, and how easy it was to work with him.Even though the system was installed three years ago, we still have great confidence that if we call him and we need help he will do “everything” in his power to help us at any time.

We are very pleased with the work he performed and would highly recommend him to anyone who is considering this type of system or any excavation work. Our dealings with Blaine Hone Excavating have and continue to be very pleasant.


Mark Washburn
Homeowners President/ “The Meadows at Hobble Creek”
“Thank you so much for your speedy work. We are pleased with your communication and the way you did the work.” –Maureen
“Thank you so much.  You were efficiency itself.  We appreciate you doing it so quickly avoiding many trips to Maryann’s.”  — Linda